From my high school days, taking two years of typing, little did I know that was one of the times I was being prepared for a career that had to do with "typing or something!" From that point, it was the military, in which I constantly used an electronic gadget, similar to a typewriter. Then, it was my columnist career. All of which apparently prepared me for a career that related to writing. 

        At the height of the Viet Nam War, I volunteered for the military. After two terms, first as intelligence, then as an arms room manager, I lived in Hinesville, Ga. After "testing a few careers", I settled in on a courier . As of today, this career has continued for about 15 years. I transport blood components to and from clinics and hospitals. This requires me to drive on average 900 to 1200 miles week.

      Ending my first military term, I attended Nashville Business College (merged with Draughans College 1975) .  Prior to my courier career, my security career included: 

a. crypto analyst/morse intercept, military intelligence, 4 years; armorer/arms room mgr. 2 years

b. security information writer (the Coastal Courier) 3.5 years

c. security information meetings/dinners (A.S.I.S) American Society for Industrial Security , 3 years 

        In 2011, I wrote my autobiography. My Eventful Life was published in 2011 by Crossbooks Publishing. In 2016, it was re-contracted, and published in 2016 by Bookmark Publishers. It's available on my online store and links. The 2011 version is only available if found as a "used book." The 2016 is available in softcover and e-book in select online bookstores. I am a trustee at Faith United M. B. Church. My wife, Marsha and I are ushers. She is leader for the outside church sign. We have 2 children.