Life Stories

        As an author, presenting their autobiography, or a reader, enjoying the content, life stories seem to always amaze you. Sure, there are current events, newsmakers, controversial books, and other similar categories. Most of them touch on the lives of the author; but none does the job better than those in the category of autobiography or memoir. 

       You could also say this group of books contain events. Much is said about the particular event as we know of it before publishing, but as for the author's life, that is often the more interesting parts of the book. You would call these events, the unknowns! Sometimes as author may include an event in their book that they would not have said  to a select group of people.  Obviously, the more events that are interesting, humorous, shocking, and of course, not already known, really does increase book sales! 

       You can now enjoy your favorite life story of an author in at least two formats including audio book!