Book Searches

        Are you able to voice your opinion on the latest book you read! How about books, in general!

       Books, and more books! It would seem books are our companion when it's a challenge to find a human!  Since the pandemic started, we have had an abundance of books.  They are now on the market as trending books, new books, political books, human interest books, religious books, life changing books, and more. One thing is for sure, we have had the time to read many books.  

      Although I am not familiar with many of the books on the various top ten lists, as you search you may find an array of books that people really appreciate. Much of the listings include books that are not identical to what has happened during the pandemic, but makes reference to life in general. Seemingly, our most prolific authors continue to amaze us with writing their best in spite of the times. As you search and notice the titles, you would have to say, 'sure, any number of these best selling books will in fact allow me to enjoy life even during today's times'. 

      I cannot end my comments without saying, we have had many in the news who have written books during the pandemic. Additionally, the number of political books continue to maintain their level of sales as compared to others. If you love books, you will note, many news commentators and related media have books on the market. As always, there are those books that some would say are controversial. 

     It continues to be a matter of logging into any one of the major online bookstores and you will find all those books that you have wanted; whether they be new, soon to be released, or other category. Just for good measure, you may want to share a few terms identical to discussing books with other family members who love to read. These terms may or may not help them make a choice on ordering their next book: 

a. audiobook 

b. e-book 

c. paperback 

d. hardcover  

plus, you will be reminded of the fact that you can order your book from either of 

a. online stores that are considered for books primarily 

b. department stores 

c. competitive pricing online outlets 

d. websites in general who are selling books wholesale 

e. emails you receive that are recommending books, 

and more...