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         America's rush-hours have become one of the most: tense, apprehensive to drive in, accident prone, and literally a challenge for any and all who drive in it. As one prepares for this weekday challenge, I'd say, the objective is to have a safe vehicle, knowledge as to where and which route you are going to take, any and all that items you would need if you are stranded in traffic for hours, and of course a supply of necessities such as sunglasses, water, and any other items you deem necessity. Of course, you would surely need to have a road service plan, an in-force auto insurance plan, and other vehicle paperwork.

    Exercising safe driving, in the rush hour,  is especially  note-worthy for those who deliver products, couriers, teenagers, those who are new to their city, and more. One thing that is overshadowed as it pertain to those who drive the rush-hour is what happens if you crash! Well, as we know, within minutes there will be a wrecker service on the spot to tow your car. All of a sudden, you will have to consider many questions and/or actions. You would have had to decide if you would be calling your insurance agent, your attorney, family, and more. Many serious accidents in rush hour do require hospitalization; but most are serious fender benders. That being the case, be prepared to have all you medical care cards available as well. You could be transported to a hospital. I hope these safe driving questions, as seen on the link below is helpful.