Travel Plans
Cities highlighted in the book: 
My Eventful Life

Post-pandemic Travel Ideas

Now that we are able to "see the end of the tunnel", would you agree it is time to plan or at least think about how and what city your family will travel to this summer! It is now the time that many have been waiting for. Mis-information regarding covid, masks, and other information have not slowed travel in the now age of the post-pandemic travel desires. People basically stayed put for a whole summer! As pandemic restrictions are lifted and or changed, those desiring to travel are making those decisions that allow the family to visit those places they like to go each and every travel season. Some visitors are traveling by car. Others are using mass transportation, such as planes, bus, and train. It may be that time to start planning your trip. Now that the economy is changing, to make your travel plans now could be good in many ways; one being as the travel season progresses, it's likely that the pricing will as well. Deals will be offered early. Even though you may not want to travel in the next week or so, make your plans now! You may want to see if one of the cities listed below is on your family planning list!

   The following cities were named in the book, My Eventful Life.. If you choose to visit one (city) you may enjoy them or when you do visit them (this summer), you may choose to write about your visit, as well. 

    They are listed in the order that they were mentioned in the book, My Eventful Life.  If you're desiring a brief description of the cities, please see that they are: 

a. small towns and cities under 100,000 people 

b. international cities that may not have been appropriate to visit in years past, but now are desired destination locations, if only to see how the world's opinion of them has changed 

c. cities in close proximity of military bases 

d. large and most often visited by tourist cities and 

e. cities with a history ,...and

Check with your travel agency of choice and see what these cities have to offer, now! 

1. Land Between the Lakes (Ky) 2. Indianapolis 3. Evansville 4. Chicago 5. Viet Nam 6. Okinawa 7. St. Louis 8. Columbia (SC) 9. Ayer, Mass.  10. New York City 11. Chitose (Japan) 12. Sapporo (japan) 13. Spain 14. Hawaii 15. Killeen 16. Detroit 17. New Laredo (TX) 18. Nurnberg (Germany) 19.Waco-Temple 20. Austin 21. San Antonio 22. Dallas 23. Texarkana 24. Nashville 25. Gary (Ind) 26. Atlanta 27. Memphis 28. Boca Raton 29. Cincinnati 30. Paducah 31. New Orleans 32. Gelnhausen (Germany) 33. Savannah 34. Frankfurt (Germany) 35. up-state New York 36. Bristol (TN) 37. Houston 38. Bowling Green (Ky 39. Gainesville (FL) 40. Huntsville 41. Tupelo 42. Clarksville (TN)  43. Chattanooga 44. Wilmington Island-Hilton Head