An income source not necessarily known...

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   If it is a matter of putting what you want to say on the world wide web, nothing can be more true than to say, 'put it on a website of your own'! In times when you are: 

a. between jobs 

b. needing an evening job 

c. ready to retire 

d. have a new computer and need to put it to good use,

...and other reasons. 

    Think of how valuable your own website can be. The more valuable benefit would of course be financial. You have the opportunity to earn income from ads in which are authorized to appear on your website. Not necessarily thought of by some may be the manner in which people can begin to know you, based on how you write! Your personality basically comes in full view as you write your feature stories (on website pages) and blogs. Of course, you can choose any appropriate subject manner as your website topic. The website host you choose will likely have to offer variations of website plans, to include features, set-up, images for the home page & optional features as well.