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        Welcome to my blog! So, how was your day!  Now, that your workday is likely over, other than relaxation, what's on your mind! Welcome to my blog! Here you will find a continuous selection of feature stories, short stories, images, how-to-do, and more. Actually, it is a combination of the events that I encounter in the course of a day. As you browse the website, some events you may be able to identify with as happening to you. But, then, if not, you still may find them to be humorous, inspirational, shocking, new information, and more.       I cannot  help to say, this website is more a beckoning of you to highlight the things that you encounter in the course of a day. 

Such as: 

a. your view of the morning sky  

b. a comment on that vehicle that passed you (excessively speeding) on your way to work

c. your day of shopping

d. a career you chose to end

e.  your teen's day to practice driving

f.  a day to read the Bible

f.  a day to redecorate

g. a day to get your family records updated   

h. make it shred day 

   As one who has had a career in security, if you do have a website, blog, or online store, you may want to review information as to what is available for website owners regarding security. Here is a link for more detailed information: 

       In your reading, you can expect to see ways in which relate to speaking, writing, and more. Take note of information that may be useful if you'd like to start your own podcast! Overall, my goal is to tell you about my days as well as all the while giving you tips as to how you can tell others about your day. 

      My Eventful Life is the name of my autobiography. First published in 2011 by Crossbooks Publishing, now re-republished in 2016 by Bookmark Publishing. ISBN # 9781495618499. It is the story of my life! The idea for this website is to say 'the events continue'! Please enjoy!...and thanks, Jimmie Baker